You Want Leads? We Got Leads! Exhibitor Passport on Steroids (and it’s legal!)

By Steve Lesnewich

Vice President, Member Services

Let’s be honest. It’s been a very weird year for our industry. Because of COVID-19, our carefully laid plans for 2020 did not happen. The biggest challenge for many of us is how to deal with the cancellation of IMTS 2020. You spent two years preparing for the “big show,” and through no fault of your own, it was canceled. We all agree that it was the correct decision, but it’s still a tough pill to swallow. One of the biggest expectations from IMTS – for both exhibitors and their distributors – was getting the leads. We crave leads. We need leads. They’re like a drug. And now we’re cut off, cold turkey.

Well, guess what? Your prayers have been answered.

The new Spark 2020 Exhibitor Passport is lead heaven. We are all familiar with the old Exhibitor Passport, but this new version is Passport on steroids. It is the most powerful marketing and sales tool for finding opportunities in our industry. By far.

If you’re in marketing or sales and you want to reach the right people with your own unique message, the new Exhibitor Passport is the way to go. You want leads? We got leads! 127,000 verified opportunities with 82,000 email opt-ins, including verified and current IMTS attendee data from 2014, 2016, and 2018, as well as rolling updates from this year’s IMTS spark event. It’s a treasure trove of marketing data.

Here are three really good ways that Passport can fill your lead needs.

  1. An email tool where your message matches their needs. For you marketing gurus, the most popular way to use Passport is probably with the Passport Email tool. Just think about it: you could email 82,000 verified email opportunities at up to 10,000 contacts per email blast. But what self-respecting marketing whiz does that? Use the 127 different filters to create the perfect list of contacts that fits your message exactly. No more throwing your emails against the wall and hoping that a few of them stick. Each of your custom emails will fit those contacts with pinpoint accuracy. Who doesn’t open an email that suits their needs perfectly?

  2. Every opportunity ignored could be an order lost. So what about the other 45,000 verified opportunities that opted out with their email address? Do you just forget about them? I think not! Each of the 127,000 opportunities contains their name, company, address, phone number, and all other contact data. As an exhibitor, you can easily sort by state and zip code for every territory that your direct sales, distributors, and reps represent. Salespeople are crying for leads. Any self-respecting salesperson worth their salt would kill to have all that information about their territory. They don’t need no stinking email when they have everything else. Too many exhibitors stick to the emails. Don’t be lazy! Take advantage of each and every opportunity that fits your customer profiles.

  3. Real mail is the new email. Let’s not forget real mail. Not long ago, email was the way to go. It was fast, easy, and free. Anyone who could send emails did send emails. Today, I swear, I delete more emails than I read. But when I get some real mail, I look at every piece that I receive. Why? Because I hardly ever get any, so it’s unique. I can keep letters or other correspondence on my desk and look at them any time I want – and best of all, I remember them. Creating a four-color postcard and mailing it out as bulk mail is not expensive and will be seen by everyone you send it to. Real mail is the new way – and a great way – to get your message across. Try it. You’ll like the results.The new Exhibitor Passport is a no-brainer. This comprehensive who’s who list of the manufacturing industry will open new doors for not only your marketing team but your sales team too. Throw away everything you know about the old Exhibitor Passport. Just think: 127,000 leads for only $5,000 comes to only 4 cents per lead. This new, more powerful version of Exhibitor Passport 2020 will drive traffic to your Spark showrooms or your company website. This is now the marketing gold standard for the entire manufacturing industry. Reach anyone, anytime, anywhere. 

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