Secrets to Running a Successful CNC Machining Business

Recently on IMTS spark, Matt Danford, senior editor of Modern Machine Shop, conducted the “Secrets to Running a Successful CNC Machining Business” session. He spoke with three past Top Shops honorees about how the Top Shops benchmarking program has helped take their companies to the next level and how they continue to evolve. He spoke with Peter Doyle, president and CEO at Hirsh Precision Products, a job shop for precision machining and assembly, and 2018 honoree for process and practices; Ted Toth, senior technical advisor at Rosenberger N.A., a global leader in RF technology, and 2012 honoree; and Matt Wardle, president and CEO at JD Machine, a job shop for precision machined and fabricated components and assemblies, and 2013 honoree in business strategy.

They shared their thoughts and experiences – and answered many audience questions – on a variety of topics, including the best approaches to retain employees in a salary-competitive market, training as an employee retention tool, leadership training programs and leadership coaching, the importance of company culture in retaining employees, and apprenticeship programs.

On the technical side, they discussed their experience with automation and lights out manufacturing, quality control, uprun engineering, process failure mode and effects analysis, machine monitoring, and scheduling software. They also discussed their experience with predictive maintenance software, preventive maintenance software, and total productive maintenance (TPM). Lastly, they shared their thoughts on the value of networking and getting valuable industry advice from industry peers through industry events and organizations such as the National Tooling and Machining Association (NTMA) and other associations.

For more information or to view the session on demand, simply log on to IMTS spark and search for the title or click here.