• Benjamin Moses

Playing Matchmaker: Connecting Additive Manufacturing Resources with Healthcare Needs

Image originally posted on America Makes.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, America Makes is taking the lead in organizing the needs of healthcare workers, the ideas of designers, and the capabilities of manufacturers specializing in additive manufacturing. They have partnered with the Federal Drug Administration, the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, and the National Institute of Health to survey and collect data on manufacturers, designers, and healthcare workers. This data will allow them to quickly connect resources, ideas, and abilities of these entities to one another.

Per their site: “This effort will connect the capabilities of the additive manufacturing industry with specific needs of health care providers via this online repository. This site will record necessary information from both the additive manufacturing industry and health care providers, and eventually include a pathway for designs to be uploaded for review to ensure they meet medical standards and can be downloaded for use in production.”

Healthcare providers can submit contact information and request relevant personal protective equipment (PPE) needs, equipment, and quantity. For example, a request may read: Face Shield; 8000 pcs; 500 per day; 7 days.

Designers can submit designs that support the following categories: diagnostics and testing; diagnostics and testing: RNA extraction kits; disinfection consumable/biohazardous waste management; medical equipment; and personal protective equipment. 

Manufacturers can submit information on their role (designer of AM parts, equipment supplier, material supplier, part supplier, post processing, and inspection/testing), materials available, design tools/engineering services, and print capabilities and capacity.

If your company is able to assist America Makes and the FDA, please use the link below.


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