MTForecast Speaker Spotlight: Fundamentals of Machine Tool Orders

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

By Jack Kirr, Owner, MT Analysis LLC

If you want the present to be different from the past, study the past.–Spinoza

Do you want more machine tool orders right now? Do you want to predict the future of the market? Are you satisfied with the direction your company is going?

USMTO, a statistical program from AMT, has the data you need to answer these questions. It provides the most current and comprehensive machine tool market information available anywhere in the world. No other database has more details, including unit and dollar reports on more than 180 manufacturing technology categories for every county in the country going back at least 20 years for all NAICS industries. And there is no fee to participate. You are eligible to receive data when you contribute your orders to the program.

It surprises many AMT members to learn just how many builders and distributors participate, having full trust and confidence in these numbers. For many categories, USMTO captures well over 95% of all market orders. And USMTO recently added individual categories for 5-axis mills and Y- and B-axis lathes.

USMTO is the foundation of a good strategy, a clear marketing plan, and a credible sales program. The data will improve the quality of your meetings with distributors and builders as well as with your board or boss. It will give your team knowledge, direction, and confidence. And it will result in more orders.

How do I know this? My company, MT Analysis LLC, uses the data to give independent, fast, accurate, confidential, and customized machine tool market intelligence to machine tool builders and distributors. We’ve grown rapidly in our first year because clients want more facts to help them win especially in this confusing market.

Using USMTO data, we helped one distributor get more orders in a large county where they previously did not have a salesperson. We also helped a large builder identify an underperforming product and make changes to their sales tactics. Annual planning, performance rankings, territory alignment, participation rate, market segmentation and targeting, inventory management, and correlations with financial results and macroeconomic statistics are some of the many other ways to use USMTO.

But the value of USMTO is often untapped by even the biggest builders and distributors. How much money are you leaving on the table because you don’t know what’s going on in your market? Do you react fast enough when the market rises and falls? What are your competitors doing with the data to beat you? Learn the “Fundamentals of Machine Tool Orders” at MTForecast 2020, and use USMTO data to grow sales, anticipate market changes, and develop solid business strategies.