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'Keep America Machining' offers live streams of IMA Schelling Group, Barbaric and C.R. Onsrud

RALEIGH, N.C. — Live streaming of technology will be presented by C.R. Onsrud and IMA Schelling Group, a provider IMA, Schelling and Barbaric products, as part of the companies' jointly held “Keep America Machining” event for the woodworking, plastics and metalworking industries.

Attendees will see the functionality and benefits of C.R. Onsrud CNC routers, IMA edgebanders, Schelling panel saws, and Barbaric material handling systems during the informative series. Three dates in August – Aug. 20, 21 and 25 – will focus on woodworking, plastics, marine, and building materials industries. September dates – Sept. 10, 11 and 15 – will cover high-speed machining of large-format aluminum plate, extrusions, steel, and alloys.

All events are free, but registration is required at info.cronsrud.com/IMASchelling.

Overview of Events

Wood & Plastic Event Dates: Aug 20, 21 & 25

High-speed Plywood Processing Track Suggested for: Furniture, crating, or marine industries Track Sessions: Onsrud plant tour, RH-Series Plywood Demo, Q&A Session Featured Machine(s): RH-Series

3-Axis Wood, Plastic & Metal Processing Track Suggested for: Those looking for a long-lasting, affordable, & industrial 4'x8' or 5'x12' CNC Router Track Sessions: Onsrud plant tour, Machining wood, plastic, & metal on the M-Series, Q&A Session Featured Machine(s): M-Series

New to CNC Machinery Suggested for: Those who don't own a machine but are thinking of buying one. Track Sessions: Onsrud plant tours, How much is a CNC - True cost of ownership, 3-axis Machining demos of wood, plastic, ACM, and aluminum, Q&A sessions. Featured Machines: 3-axis M-Series CNC Router

5-Axis Millwork & Doors Suggested for: Millwork or Doors Industries Track Sessions: Onsrud plant tour, S-Series 5-axis wood machining demo, Q&A Session Featured Machine(s): S-Series

Plastics Processing Track Suggested for: Plastic Suppliers, Plastic Processors, or Marine Industry Track Sessions: Onsrud plant tour, machining mechanical plastics demo, machining sneeze guards demo, Q&A Session. Featured Machine(s): Onsrud S-Series

Automated Panel Processing Suggested for: Cabinetry, closets, and other panel processing industries Track Sessions: Onsrud plant tour, M-Series Automated Panel Processing Demo, Q&A Session Featured Machine(s): Automated M-Series

Building Materials Demo Suggested for: Commercial builders & residential builders, Design Agencies Track Sessions: M-Series wood, plastic metal demo, building materials seminar (fiber-cement, ACM panels, automated marking systems, Q&A Session. Featured Machine: M-Series

CNC Integrated Material Handling Systems Suggested for: Those interested in high-volume panel processing Track Sessions: IMA Schelling showroom tour, LCV and RH-Series Demo, Q&A Session Featured Machine(s): Automated RH-Series, Barbaric LCV

Sawing Plastics Track Suggested for: Those who cut many varieties of plastic and need material recognition to adjust cutting parameters Track Sessions: IMA Schelling showroom tour, fk4 Saw Demo, Q&A Session Featured Machine(s): Schelling fk4 Panel Saw

Jack of All Trades Panel Saw Suggested for: Those seeking a versatile cutting solution for book cutting and single sheet cutting with the unique addition of a tilting saw blade for mitered angle cuts and grooving. Track Sessions: Schelling s45 Panel Saw Demo, Q&A Session Featured Machine(s): Schelling s45 Panel Saw

Saw Optimization Software Track Suggested for: Those looking to maximize their saw's efficiency and material yield via Schelling HPO Optimization software Track Sessions: Schelling fh4 Saw Demo, Q&A Session Featured Machine(s): Schelling fh4 Panel Saw

Laser Edgebanding Track Suggested for: Those desiring to learn about state-of-the-art high-quality laser and PUR edgebanding and their unique advantages Track Sessions: IMA Novimat Compact R3 Edgebander Demo, Q&A Session Featured Machine(s): IMA Novimat Compact R3 Edgebander Demo

Industry 4.0 - Automation in Panel Processing Suggested for: Those wanting to explore the journey to automation in panel processing - it is easier than you think! Track Sessions: Industry 4.0 / Automation Presentation, Q&A Session

Industry 4.0 - Machine Analytics Track (OSYNC) Suggested for: those that want to learn more about how machine data can help you shop run more efficiently, save you money, and provide insights. Track Sessions: Machine Monitoring & Analytics Sessions, Q&A Session

Visit the web page for information on September's metal and composites offerings.

With more than 100 years of experience manufacturing technology, C.R. Onsrud specializes in CNC routers and machining centers; another specialty is the inverted router. The company's headquarters are in Troutman, North Carolina. For more information call 800-638-8185 or visit cronsrud.com.

IMA Schelling Group is a single-source provider of sales, service and support of IMA, Schelling and Barbaric machinery and software. The company's North American headquarters is in Raleigh, North Carolina. For more information, call 800-711-9824 or visit imaschelling.us.

Founded in Linz, Austria, in 1995, Barbaric GmbH develops state-of-the-art automation and storage processes to facilitate the handling of heavy goods. Barbaric’s North American office in Raleigh, North Carolina, provides sales and service to the United States, Canada, and Mexico. For more information call 919-425 2803 or visit barbaric.us.