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Updated: Aug 6, 2020

The year 2020, to most of the world, will certainly be remembered for its challenges, changes, and seemingly impossible decisions. But in the manufacturing technology industry, it will be remembered as a time we created solutions, overcame difficulties, and worked to innovate. Still, we are deeply disappointed that IMTS 2020 cannot be held to serve as a resource for the industry as we adjust to new challenges. Our responsibility to you, however, remains steadfast, and we are eager to provide you with a marketplace for business development like no other, networking opportunities to connect with current and potential customers, and access to the industry’s best emerging technologies.

Although we remain in a world of uncertainty and unprecedented trials, we are committed to helping you grow your business. To that end, we have created three new products:

  • ReBuilding the Supply Chain – An aggregated multi-media resource center for all things supply chain.

  • IMTS spark – A digital destination for manufacturers to connect and identify solutions for challenges, simplifying the enormity of being out in the industry without a direct path forward.

  • IMTS Network – A live-streaming channel featuring transformative technologies, unique insights, stories, profiles, and developing manufacturing news.

Rebuilding the Supply Chain

Strengthening the manufacturing supply chain has long been a focus of AMT. Now it is on the tip of everyone’s tongue. In May, we kicked it into high gear when we launched our new microsite, Featured are articles, webinars, and data-graphics explaining how the supply chain disruptions are changing manufacturing, steps that can be taken to shorten supply chains, and resources to assist in the recovery of broken supply chains. In an effort to bring you the best content and solutions regarding the supply chain initiative, we are forming partnerships with many in the industry, including the Reshoring Initiative and Gardner Business Media. Take a deep dive to ReThink your current operations, ReEngage with suppliers and secure trading partners, and ReEstablish best practices for a more localized industrial base.

A sample of the articles you’ll find include:

  1. “ReEngaging the Supply Chain: What Can Job Shops Do?” is a study of six actions that manufacturers can take to strengthen their supply chain while also obtaining additional benefits, such as improving social and public relations capital by lessening carbon footprints when sourcing closer to production.

  2. “ReThinking a Tech-Powered Supply Chain,” by Oisin Lunny, journalist and UX business professor, suggests leveraging analytics via a digital twin, performing regular stress tests, and adopting a flexible, API-driven mix of onshore and offshore approaches. He warns against short-term thinking that focuses on a cost-averse strategy, which increases risk and is symptomatic of a corporate philosophy that devalues long-term thinking. Read the article and watch the recorded webinar at

  3. “Virus & Tariffs Expose Supply Chain Disruptions” explains insight from longtime manufacturer Harry Moser, founder of the Reshoring Initiative. Moser outlines how many companies that offshore encounter up to 20% in additional, unforeseen costs related to inventory carrying, intellectual property protection, packaging, shipping, among others. Read the article at

IMTS spark

August 14, 2020 to March 15, 2021 This summer, in partnership with Gardner Business Media, we will launch IMTS spark, a comprehensive digital destination to connect exhibitors and customers at a time when travel and gatherings are limited. By providing educational content and networking opportunities, IMTS spark offers first-class experiences through an interface that is effective and engaging. Innovation is the nucleus of IMTS spark. We all have a responsibility to arm the IMTS audience with solutions – they depend on you just as much as they depend on us. And they need your help now, more than ever!

There are many opportunities that will allow you to participate in IMTS spark. Go to to download the IMTS spark brochure and learn how to connect with manufacturing’s most engaged and eager audience.

IMTS Network

September 14-18, 2020 Mark your calendar and tune in for the first look at the IMTS Network!

For five days in September, the IMTS Network will stream binge-worthy programming with live broadcasts highlighting the latest transformative technologies, critical industry insights, inspiring stories and profiles, and developing manufacturing news.

From the machinist who makes parts for NASA’s InSight lander, to the STEM student who developed his own prosthesis, the IMTS Network will cover the physical and digital world of all things that are made.

Share your manufacturing technology story at for a chance to be featured on the IMTS Network.

As manufacturers race to find solutions, look to the latest IMTS offerings to remain agile and to ensure your business prospers. Whether it’s networking prospects with current and potential customers, or building a marketplace for business growth like no other, or providing insight into the industry’s best emerging technologies, IMTS is fulfilling our commitment to you.