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H.3 Statistical Release Consolidated onto the H.6 Statistical Release

The Board's Statistical Release H.6, "Money Stock Measures," includes, for the first time, release items previously published on Statistical Release H.3, "Aggregate Reserves of Depository Institutions and the Monetary Base," that remain relevant after the elimination of reserve requirements. The H.3 release items consolidated onto the H.6 statistical release include the monetary base and nonborrowed reserves and their components. The components of these concepts—specifically, (1) "Currency in circulation" and "Total balances maintained" for the monetary base and (2) "Total reserves" and "Total borrowings from the Federal Reserve" for nonborrowed reserves—also now appear on the H.6 statistical release. In addition, references to traveler's checks have been removed from the release.

For more information and to view the current release please visit the Federal Reserve.