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Global Tech Centers in the time of COVID-19

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

We are all aware of COVID-19’s effect on global business with regards to travel, events, supply chains, business continuity, etc. With operations in China, India, Mexico, Brazil, and Europe, AMT is in constant contact with our international team and gathering information on local health and business developments. 

All AMT Tech Centers are operating on a work from home (WFH) or rotational basis, maintaining day-to-day operations, and servicing our members. Presently, all international AMT employees and the 130-plus proxy hires working full-time for member companies are healthy and observing all infection control strategies recommended by the local authorities, global health bodies, and AMT policy.

Our tech centers’ ability to serve our members and maintain continuity has not been overly affected apart from on-site technical service. For the time being, technical site service for our members is being conducted via video chat at all locations. This support to members is critical at this time as most U.S. service technicians are not allowed to travel abroad.

From a global marketing and sales perspective, our international team is constantly exploring different avenues, such as developing local social media profiles and increasing member web presence, to help replace the lost exposure members normally generate by exhibiting at shows. The CCMT show in Shanghai, where 28 AMT member companies were to exhibit the second week of April in our pavilion, was cancelled. Also cancelled was SIMTOS in Seoul, FEIMEC in Brazil, Expomaq in Mexico, and MACH in the U.K., all of which were to have AMT staff and member companies in attendance. Many other international manufacturing shows slated for the next few months, such as MECSPE, STOM, MACH-TECH, BIEMH, etc., have pushed their dates to later in the year.

We are also maintaining contact with, and business intelligence about, the major OEM, Tier 1, and Tier 2 customers in our tech center countries to keep track of factory status and trends to help members with their adjusted sales strategies. Opportunities are opening up again in China due to their recovery from COVID-19; other countries will offer similar opportunities once they get on the positive side of the COVID-19 curve. We will continue to track your future sales potentials.

Should you have any questions or need help with an international challenge during these uncertain times, do not hesitate to reach out. We are still here for you.

For any questions on international challenges or to learn more, please contact me at echristopher@amtonline.org

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