• Amber Thomas

Department of Energy to issue manufacturing funding opportunity this spring

The Department of Energy’s (DOE) Advanced Manufacturing Office (AMO)  announced its intent  to issue a spring funding opportunity to stimulate technology innovation, improve the energy productivity of American manufacturing, and enable the manufacturing of cutting-edge products in the United States.

The potential Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), entitled “FY20 Advanced Manufacturing Multi-topic FOA,” will fund high-impact, applied research and development projects that integrate specified research opportunities across AMO. It will focus on three areas:

  1. Next-generation manufacturing processes that improve energy efficiency in energy-intensive and energy-dependent industries, including steel manufacturing.

  2. Modular, hybrid, and catalytic processes to improve energy efficiency in chemical manufacturing.

  3. Connected, flexible, and efficient manufacturing facilities, products, and energy systems, including the integration of direct air capture at industrial facilities.

AMO supports R&D projects, R&D consortia, and early-stage technical partnerships with national laboratories, industry stakeholders, state and local governments, and academia through competitive, merit-reviewed funding opportunities designed to investigate new manufacturing technologies. 

Strengthening this country’s manufacturing competitiveness is a top priority for President Donald Trump’s administration, especially as the COVID-19 crisis exposed our vulnerabilities. In 2018, the administration released its Strategy for American Leadership in Advanced Manufacturing, which lays out a vision for U.S. leadership in advanced manufacturing across industrial sectors to protect national security and promote economic growth. The plan achieves this by pursuing three goals: 

  1. Develop and transition new manufacturing technologies. 

  2. Educate, train, and connect the manufacturing workforce.

  3. Expand the capabilities of the domestic manufacturing supply chain.

These goals are more important today than ever.

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