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Anatomy of a CNC Router

Updated: Jan 21

AMT Tech Report Selection by Stephen LaMarca:

What did you accomplish during quarantine? I gained a ton of weight and took enough naps to have been in a coma. We can’t all be perfect, though.Matt here designed and built his own CNC router from scratch and documented everything you need to know if you want to do the same. Slacker.

By: Matt Ferraro

January 17, 2021

This is the encyclopedic blog post I wish I could have read when I started designing my CNC router.

I'll cover all the components and some of the design considerations you'll need to keep in mind when desiging your own CNC router.

Overall Layout

The foundation of a CNC router is some sort of rigid frame. On top of the frame you attach linear guides which allow your axes to move. You actuate that movement with belts or screws, whose rotation is powered by motors. Those motors are controlled by a pulse generator attached to a gcode intepreter, which gets its commands from a gcode sender. I'll cover all your major options below.

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