Public and Private Aid Programs Established in Mexico Support Companies During COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated: May 15, 2020

1. Deferral of Employer’s Social Security Contributions. 

The Social Security Institute opened the option to defer payment of an employer’s contribution from 12, 24, or up to 48 months with a monthly interest rate between 1.26% and 1.82%, depending on the term. For any term, the initial coverage is 20%. 

2. Federal Government Loans. 

Loans of 25,000 Mexican pesos ($1,060) are available to small businesses with payment terms of 33 months and an interest rate between 6% and 10%, depending on the number of employees. 

To apply for this credit, go to 

3. Loans from Mexico City’s Local Government. 

Aimed to support small companies, loans of MX$10,000 ($425) are available from a state fund committed to social development. The payment term is two years with no interest. 

To apply for this credit, go to 

4. Loan Program Provided by IDB. 

The Inter-American Development Bank and the Mexican Business Council announced a loan program to provide liquidity to small and medium-size companies. They will provide revolving credit lines with an average payment term of 90 days and reverse factoring which will allow the bank to pay for a company’s invoices to suppliers. 

5. Central Bank of Mexico Liquidity. 

As part of Banxico’s MX$750 billion ($32 billion) fund to support the economy, commercial and development banks will be able to access a MX$250 billion ($11 billion) fund to boost their lending to micro, small, and medium-sized businesses (MSME) as well as individual borrowers. The Interbank interest rate will be reduced by 50 basis points, to 6%.

6. Deferral of Payment of Credits. 

For individuals with businesses, there is the possibility of deferring the payment of credits from four months to six months. Additionally, the Mexican National Banking Commission presented the possibility of freezing charges without interest, but there is no obligatory compliance by the banks.

7. Business Loans for Your Partners and Customers.

Some private companies such as Mercado Libre and Cabify are providing credit, in some cases without interest, for their partners and customers to help them stay liquid in this time of decreased demand for their services.

Information compiled by Ernesto Compean of AMT’s Monterrey Tech Center.

For additional information, contact Carlos Mortera, International Director – Latin America, at