A Conversation With Peter Eelman on the IMTS Network

Peter Eelman is the Executive Director of IMTS Network and Co-Anchor for the IMTS Network week. He does this when he’s not busy with his ‘day job’ as AMT VP & CXO. We caught up with Peter during some scarce downtime for his thoughts on IMTS Network's week of live broadcasting, September 14-18.

What’s your favorite show that we’ll see on the IMTS Network week?

I’ve got a soft spot for the Profiles in Manufacturing series. In more than 30 years in this industry, I’ve met many inspirational people and heard many pivotal stories. This series allows everyone, even when we can’t gather together, to share great experiences and meet the people at the heart of our industry. For instance, I take great pride in the profile we were able to create with Al Albrecht. Not only did Al live through the generational revolution from machine tool into manufacturing technology, he drove that change through constant innovation and a mission “to do better, do it correctly, and get it done.”

Tell us about your vision for the IMTS Network.

I want the IMTS Network to share the passion of the manufacturing technology community with people in and out of this industry and all over the world. We want to tell the story of how manufacturing and transformational technologies impact everyone’s lives. We want IMTS Network stories to focus on human emotion, real people’s stories, and to share narratives from eye-opening perspectives. It’s not a small or an easy ambition, but we will be here for everyone - bringing that fascinating intersection of technology and humanity into your homes and shops.

How can I participate in the IMTS Network week?

The easiest way to participate is with the Zoom Across the Nation contest open. Running from August 1 to 31st, 2020, the contest winners will win a spot in the limelight during the IMTS Network.

As we continue forward, we want you to continue to partner with us by sharing your stories. We have created a stories submission portal, so that anyone can submit a story idea for consideration. This call for stories is ongoing and continues beyond the Network week. If you have a great manufacturing story, an innovation in transformative technology, or a dynamic character the world needs to meet – please think of us. Finally, I’d be remiss if I didn’t also mention that we’re offering advertising opportunities, such as commercials during the IMTS Network week; email Bill Herman (Director, International Exhibitions & Sponsorship, bherman@amtonline.org) to learn more.

After the IMTS Network week in September, what’s next?

After the lights go down, the circus animals are back to their homes, and when the curtain drops on the IMTS Network week, we might go quiet for a few months. That, however, won’t be for a lack of activity behind the scenes. Our teams of creators, editors, directors, writers, producers, and film crews will be in the field - hard at work finding new stories and people to share with you. The Network will formally launch in March of 2021 with a website full of content.