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Business as usual is no longer a thing. We're here to help you navigate through the change. We turn to technology for solutions. Which is why innovation trends tend to ramp up in trying times–not slow down. You either work to find new ways to get ahead of change or you risk getting left behind.

HR & Development

Performance Management: How to Create a Productive Team

What would it mean if your employees functioned as an effective team and accomplished work consistently right by system, rather than by fighting fires and fixing mistakes?


If you know that you could achieve more, build the business you’ve always wanted, or take a vacation and actually forget about work — if only everybody else around you could be counted on more — then you’ll want to join IMTS's resident Marketing Gunslinger when he interviews Keith Lee on Nov 19!


Keith Lee has made it his professional crusade to educate and provide strategies to keep independent business people ahead of the competition. Keith developed a management system that his employees loved and in fact, led to his company, American Retail Supply, being named "The Best Small Business to Work for in Washington State." He is the author of The Happy Customer Handbook, How to Control Your Business and Your Life, and Performance Reviews Suck.

Overcoming Unproductive Behaviors

How are your bad habits/unproductive behaviors jeopardizing your daily work, personal and professional relationships, self–esteem, health, weight, financial security, happiness and more?

The truth is all bad habits/unproductive behaviors drain you of motivation, time, money, and a great life. Even the seemingly insignificant ones. Bad habits/unproductive behaviors are self-inflicted punishment. But don’t get discouraged! There’s good news!

Join business and life strategist, Lee Milteer, and Steve Miller for a fascinating discussion on the power of habits.
Lee Milteer is an internationally known and celebrated entrepreneur, visionary, bestselling author, award-winning professional speaker, TV personality, and intuitive business mentor. Lee provides business and success advice and resources to nearly 250,000 people around the world.

Sales & Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Social Selling

In this session, Daniel is going to show you why Social Selling and the phone work best together and he will show you how to get the best results from them. His session will dig deep into the world of modern selling, the changes in communication methods of decision makers and the important skills needed by modern salespeople to be as successful as possible.

How to Increase Response to Your Marketing

In a recent survey, I asked my tribe, "What is your biggest challenge regarding marketing and generating new leads?"

The #1 answer by far was, "Creating a message that our moose responds to." More than twice as many people selected that over the #2 choice.


So why don't people respond as well as you'd like? What's wrong with your marketing that causes that?

Join resident IMTS Marketing Gunslinger, Steve Miller, as he walks you through the most common mistakes we make when marketing to our moose, and the most important factors for creating a marketing message that works.


The Era of Data Storytelling – Fueling a Data Driven Culture.
Nina's Data Metrology World in Manufacturing

With all the hype around big data, surprisingly, many organizations continue to struggle with creating ‘useful and intelligent’ analytics that deliver true business impact. Plagued by immutable data cultures that harbor silo-reporting practices, those organizations must find innovative ways to re-engage their users and exploit data to stay ahead of competitors. 

Exploratory analysis of information will often reveal distributions that are skewed; thereby affecting how relationships in the data can be effectively measured with machine learning classifiers.  The nature of data points to be measured may not indicate much strength.  There may be data points that deviate from the overall pattern of the dataset.  It may be the case that relationships in the data truly are inconclusive; however, it is worthwhile to apply transformation techniques to clarify these relationships.

The MTConnect Standard // Defined Part 1 of 6

Build confidence in digital manufacturing and shop floor IT with MTConnect Education Modules. Now through June 30, AMT is waiving subscription fees so members can enroll in the Essentials Suite learning modules at no cost.

MTConnect Standard: Essentials Suite

Transformative Technologies

Building a Digital Strategy

No industry generates more data than manufacturing, says consultancy McKinsey, yet the vast majority of that information goes untapped. It’s time to change that with a Digital Strategy that enables manufacturing executives, designers, workers, machines, and more to capture the value of this vast data reserve to create new revenue and product opportunities. Explore emerging digital solutions to help you collect, connect, store, analyze and utilize data from your existing systems, as well as the advanced digital technologies you’re deploying – without a massive overhaul of your manufacturing environment.

Advanced Sensors 

We’re rapidly moving beyond the current generation of cheap, embeddable sensors into a world of adaptable, intelligent sensors that provide a wealth of additional data and empower improved machine-to-machine communications along with localized decision-making that speeds response and problem resolution. Micro-sensor implants, organic and bio-degradable sensors, sensor swarms, and multi-function sensors, among other advances, can find and infer new types of information, and hold vast promise to improve processes, increase product quality and create new revenue streams. Learn what’s emerging today in Advanced Sensor Technology.

Change is inevitable

The Future of Manufacturing

Jay Rogers "A Manufacturing Renaissance? ... or Revolution?
Change is inevitable

“Change is the only constant in life,” said the Greek philosopher Heraclitus. Change is rapidly happening around us and the rate of change seems to be exponentially increasing. Every day we hear big buzz words like Big Data, Sensors, Robotics, Algorithms, Electric vehicles, the Cloud, Additive Manufacturing, and A.I. (Artificial Intelligence). Will AI and robotics take over the world and our jobs? What is the Cloud? What is AI -- how does it work? How is additive and electric vehicles changing manufacturing and our lives? Join me for an overview of the of the pieces of the puzzle that makeup Industry 4.0. This presentation aims to educate you on these topics, how they work, and share some of the impacts they will have.