MTConnect Standard: Essentials Suite
Implementation Use Case

Build confidence in digital manufacturing and shop floor IT with MTConnect Education Modules. These engaging, instructive, multimedia modules encompass 200 minutes of total learning about MTConnect – a free, XML-based communications standard that is the backbone of the connected shop floor. MTConnect Education Modules are suitable for both academic and corporate learning environments.


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AMT and Virginia Tech are working together to grow and accelerate companies starting their digital manufacturing journey. We see the value and significant return on investment in companies embarking on their digital journey. While digitization and data sciences can be overbearing, creating a prototype cell is a fast and easy way to understand these new technologies. In this collaboration with the Virginia Tech Learning factory, a group of undergraduates implements MTConnect on a Haas three-axis mill. This report outlines practical information for your implementation.   

AMT would like to recognize the authors, Jannat Asim, Paula Clares, John Luksas, and Dan Nguyen from Virginia Tech. Shaurabh Singh provided technical oversight from AMT.

Copy of Emerging Digital Factory Researc